International Economic Law and Environmental Law

The Institute’s Department of International Economic Law and Environmental Law is chaired by Professor Dr. Peter-Tobias Stoll. Its main research focus lies on international economic law and international environmental law in their respective various dimensions, including, inter alia, international trade law, international investment law and legal questions of climate change. Besides, it also covers related further fields, including connected issues of European and German Constitutional law, of international institutions and multi-level governance mechanisms, of the rule of law in its domestic, European and international dimensions and of international labour law.


In 2018, Professor Stoll was awarded a Jean Monnet Chair funded by the European Commission. The Jean Monnet Chair has a dedicated research focus on the law of sustainable development at European and global level. The aim is to assess EU law and policy in the light of sustainable development, to address the accompanying questions as to legitimacy, participation and fundamental rights, and to analyse the interplay between the EU’s internal and external action and multilevel sustainability governance. By conducting research projects such as monographic books or a research handbook, the Chair contributes to existing research and discussions in European studies and international law. Moreover, teaching is a key component of the Jean Monnet Chair's activities. The Chair develops new seminars and lectures, which are offered to students of different academic levels and backgrounds. The aim is to integrate European legal studies and sustainability as key dimensions into the curriculum and to promote interest for the European Union and sustainable development.


Current major projects of the Department and the Jean Monnet Chair include, inter alia, the second edition of the six-volume Commentaries on World Trade Law (of which Professor Stoll is one general editor) and an edited volume on scenarios for world trade law without the WTO.