The GoJIL strives to be a platform for enriching contributions to scholarly discourse in international law. GoJIL’s mainstay is the publishing of two issues a year. Since 2009, a total of twenty-one issues have been released, containing a wide range of topics of international law and related fields. Our articles can be found as pre-published articles or as an article in one of our issues.


The GoJIL is an e-journal that focuses on international law. Founded in December 2007 by an interdisciplinary group of students at the University of Goettingen, GoJIL is the first German student-run law journal published entirely in English language. The journal seeks to foster debate among scholars of international law with its numerous and diverse fields, e.g. international criminal, humanitarian and economic law, while also offering contributions from related disciplines such as international relations, history or economics. For this purpose, GoJIL runs a permanent open call for papers, ensuring high quality by means of a thorough selection process regarding the significance of the topic for the respective academic discourse and having every submission undergo a double blind peer review. GoJIL is published in accordance with open access principles.


Likewise, GoJIL provides for scholar interaction in the form of conferences, symposia and workshops with its ensuing inclusion in GoJIL’s issues.


GoJIL places particular emphasis on the promotion of young academics. Accordingly, the journal holds an annual essay competition targeting just this audience: students and doctoral candidates alike are called on to submit a paper on a certain topic. This topic may either pertain to a distinct legal or be confined to a distinct legal domain. The best submission is published in GoJIL.

Call for papers

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10th GoJIL Student Essay Competition (2020)
Call for Papers AI Essay Competition 202
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